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NOS, as in Nostimon Emar
(quoting Homer's Odyssey, meaning the return to the homeland)

Under the guidance of Athenagoras Kostakos the Executive Chef of many projects domestic and abroad and the implementation of Chef Gerasimos Mitrakis, NOS The Restaurant is the epitome of coming together in its welcoming open space.

Here, the essence of Greek and local elements are non-negotiable values; both in the raw materials as in the execution of recipes.

“Zero waste and local raw materials are the main denominators in the menu we prepared for the NOS restaurant. All culinary techniques and the produce of Sifnos and the Cyclades are of foremost importance”.

The spicy bonito fish tartare with capers and crunchy olives, the taramas spread made of tuna caviar and the smoked lamb slow-cooked on wood vines are just a few of the dishes served that embrace the sharing philosophy.

Encouraging the partaking around a table where you may freely drink, taste, laugh, share, belong. Just as NOS belongs to the history and beauty of its surroundings.

To those who simultaneously seek the authentic hospitality. Unpretentious, pure and non-negotiable.

Our restaurant warmly welcomes both hotel guests and external visitors.

Opening for lunch at 13:00 & dinner at 19:30

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